CORONAVIRUS And we found ourselves grappling with this infectious disease that took millions of lives worldwide.Everytime we thought we are out of this and every time we are bounded by the suffering and the misery.First wave of covid passed as such without causing much pain and suffering and we thought that the monster has liftedContinue reading “COVID CRISIS”


SPATIAL EXPERIENCES With rapid industrialization and urbanization interior design emerged as one of the major sought after career option.With urban ism there stood a need to get quality spaces to live in and spend time with the loved ones.The field has a rich history and various influence rs.Earlier most of the interior design work wasContinue reading “INTERIOR DESIGN”


INTERIOR DESIGN Interior Design is one such profession which amalgamates both the aesthetics and functional parameters.Designers should be focused on creating beautiful interiors which are functional at the same time aesthetically pleasing.Aesthetics include the use of soft furnishings, plethora of materials, vibrant colors, drapes, cushions, rich fabrics etc that helps in enhancing the beauty ofContinue reading “INTERIOR DESIGN BLOG”


RISHI VIDHYA KENDRA Blog on the cases where Sanjeevani miraculously healed people and brought them to the forefront. Healing worked wonders in my case where I was suffering from a painful toothache problem which got unbearable and I was ready for doctor’s appointment. When I got healing I was bit skeptical of whether it willContinue reading “SPIRITUALITY”


RISHI VIDHYA KENDRA Located on the way to Benaras we landed on the place called “Adalghat” in Mirzapur. You can notice vast stretch of land.Amid the land a road leads us to this place.Our four wheeler stood on one end of the road in the parched land with sun glistening over our heads. Yes itContinue reading “SPIRITUALITY”


BHARADWAJ PARK ALLAHABAD It was a winter afternoon and the place was sun kissed. It has that element of cheer to it.Lush green grass covered the landscape.The green cover enveloped the area.Water was gushing out from the source and flowed through stepped structure and the fountainhead looked astonishingly amazing.The entrance leads to stepped contour overContinue reading “ARCHITECTURE”


QUTUB COMPLEX IN DELHI As you enter the complex a calm serenity engulfs you.No clutter,no hustle bustle just calmness envelops you.The majestic tower stands tall amidst the architectural members. We can see different geometric shapes of the structures enveloping the area.The green patch is seen in between and surrounding members.As you find your way inContinue reading “Architecture”


ARCHITECTURE india as a country has seen vivid architecture and architectural styles over various time periods.every architectural marvel has its distinct story to tell.Presence of engravings and inscriptions by various rulers on the structures reveal the rich architectural heritage.The rich diversity that is shown in various architectural styles is exemplary.Structures are present with both aestheticContinue reading “ARCHITECTURE”



ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE India is the land that shows vivid architecture.It exhibits different variety and styles that dates back to hundreds and thousands of years.Its grand, its exquisite and exemplary. India is the land that’s been invaded by rulers in various time zones and era who left their imprints in the form of vernacular monuments andContinue reading “MONUMENTS”


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