Stuck thoughts add fuel to the fire. Rationalizing them and getting over them is a task in itself.Such a pain.The mental humiliation is disgusting and open to psychic trouble.It is indeed difficult to understand human psychology.If we delve deeper into the realm we could see the variance of thought processes, thought-waves, awareness,cognitive ability,mood fluctuations and diversified viewpoints.It is often difficult to understand the diversified and divergent views quite often shallow.Question to be asked here is how could people have so bizarre and narrow outlook and what could be done to mend it from right within.Perceptions are so varied often quite wrong.They are varied and varies from person to person.Its very individualistic and needn’t be refined all the times.Diversity of view points is good to an extent but over diversification adds a lot of clamor and confusion.It needs to be aligned.Have we ever questioned why do we have such different psyches and ideologies and we stick to it like fools.What we need to do is to gather as many insights as possible and filter out so that we could rationalize our thought processes.What we imbibe at the cognitive level will eventually manifest itself in some form or the other.So its indispensable of what we harbor cognitively.The so called images that the mind is exposed to ,kind of music that we hear,the speech of ours,kind of conversations that we have has a direct psychological impact on the being.It affects us psychologically and physiologically without you being known of what’s happening.The psychological impact is manifolds.

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I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!🍸☕😊

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