Intellect over the mind

That universal energy has to permeate to the every living creature.Often times you come up to the point when your brain gets saturated with the tantrums of life and you reach to the tipping point.You somehow want to hold unto it tightly and then you realize that it is out loose and you fall apart.With the passage of time you learn,you grow and it is as if the drama is happening right infront of you.The superficiality of the everyday living makes it so mundane,dull and boring and if you happen to add little zing to it as if it gets shrouded by the clamor around.The clamor is so consuming that you succumb to it often loosing life’s essence.You become prey to it and it will eat you from inside out without you being knowing it.Personally i find everyday tasks very dull and mundane.The pace is sluggish and the energy dump.It lacks passion and vibrancy.The monotonocity breeds boredom.Managing and upgrading the thought- process seems arduous. All we need is the cognitive alignment and mind attenuated with the intellect.

There has to be a perfect balance between mind and the intellect to attain eventual clarity.The channeling of the thought-process towards the higher goal should be the mantra.The relationship between the mind,body and spirit needs to be understood.Thought-process needs to get channeled towards higher aspects of life and an individual needs to operate on a higher plane of consciousness. Mind needs to get freed from the traps .A lot of sweat and patience is required for the process.Concentrated thoughts generates momentum and power.Thoughts focused on an ideal gains power.Thoughts as the sub units of the conscious mind has got enormous potential and power.The process happens at a subtle level often tacit. Infact the quality of your existence is dependent on the very thought-process. When focused and channeled towards the higher it gains power and momentum. Often you get to the state where your thoughts get overlapped and segregation seems mind-boggling.You know that the mind is tricking you but we can’t help but accept it.Human mind is in the habit of generating more and more chaos.Intellect understands the functioning of mind and controls the mind from doing damage.Intellect mantra is short term pain for the long term gain.

Human mind is like the reign of horses ,left untamed certainly will create havoc.However if channeled and tamed properly directs the mind to a greater goal.Mind projects the imaginary void which is not there in the first place.Mind feels deficient in something ,it craves for something more.Mind functions as a result of deficiency motivation and not the sufficiency motivation.There is world of difference between the two.In deficiency motivation the gap void is filled.We feel deficient in ourselves and therefore we act while sufficiency motivation results from feeling adequate and then when you desire to do something.Mind has the innate tendency to poison you.Intellect saves you getting poisoned.The two entities mind and intellect co-exist and function together.Intellect governs the mind and stops the nuisance created by it.

Intellect has the capacity to redirect the mind into something positive and constructive.Mind craves for instant joys while intellect looks for long term joys which are more sustainable and more valuable.Seems like mind never rests and it races.Mind has this weird habit of pushing yourself into the trivialities and it tricks you.It has this habit of tricking every now and then.It craves for instant joys ,meanders here and there. Taming it is a difficult process which requires meticulous effort.However if channeled properly results in tremendous energy and potential that would do wonders.The tricky mind often creates havoc in the normal functioning of the body.It dis aligns itself with body and spirit.Spontaneous mental thought waves generates an upsurge with the threshold and the capacity to change one’s experiences.The spontaneous mental thought waves could be in any form and the individual has the capacity to manipulate it at the cognitive level of awareness. Thought waves could be uplifting or damaging.It is to be ensured that the negative mental thought waves needs to be deleted once encountered then and there at that very moment before it does further damage to the entire system.The best way to deal with the thoughts is to replace them with the thoughts of positive tone.Human mind takes the shape of a complex mesh with myriads of external stimuli.

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I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!πŸΈβ˜•πŸ˜Š

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  1. I guess intellect eventually overcomes waywardness of mind for out of chaos comes order…. the tricks of thoughts nicely captured …πŸ‘

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