Psychology – Science Of Cognition

A balanced mind is necessary for meditation neither indulgent nor deprived(mind has to be balanced).Thoughts are the vibrations(flow of energy)(energy needs to get channelized).Concentrated thoughts over something higher gains momentum and power(higher needs to be explored).Harboring selfish thought will undermine your personality.Selfless thoughts will uplift(shift from selfish to selfless).Unguarded thoughts generates a lot of angst and anxiety.(It is to be ensured that its well guarded by the intellect).Focus should be on the action and not on the fruit of action (fruit has to be negated).Anxiety for the fruit of action impedes your progress.(negate the fruit).Start the day with the heightened sense of awareness and operate on the higher plane of consciousness.Get rid of the lower plane.(get aware of the higher plane).Segregation of thoughts seems like a uphill task.You somehow feel threatened by the overwhelming thought-process.and its bizarre nature.Thoughts as said are the building blocks of life.The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts and action based on the thoughts.Thoughts however mundane is the energy ,the vibrations which we disperse in the universe.Thoughts are the flow of energy.Thoughts are the energy vibrations in the universe.The quality of your actions is determined by the quality of your thoughts that an individual entertains and possess.We need to be cautious of the energy that we send to the universe.

We should try to send positive energy to the universe.Human mind looks for instant joys for gratification.At first these joys seems tantalizing and consuming but we have no idea how disastrous it is for our mind,body and intellect.Exercise of the intellect is an uphill task.It is not everyone’s cup of tea.Many come and many go ,many still meander in search of light and wisdom.Exercising intellect over the mind is really really difficult task.We stumble and succumb to the miseries that it brings unaware of the consequences.

Cognitive dualism that results from it is bewildering.One has to be precise and thoughtful at the same time. Avoid clutter.Mind projects a void which by nature is deep and it constantly craves for fulfillment seldom sane.The various external factors disturbs the calmness that is the natural state of mind.One should strive to synchronize with this natural state of calmness of our being but there is this constant noise surrounding it.Noise has to be minimized to reach that desired state of awareness.Rationals has to supersede the irrationals.

Mind needs to get calmed down,thoughts need to get channelized,intellect needs to be exercised while spirit needs to be aligned with body ,mind and intellect.

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  1. A wonderful write up….will help anyone who is feeling low and depressed….keep writing such motivational blogs

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