The inner “You”

You got to be alert ,calm and at the same time maintain your focus.Living in the moment is an art and not everyone has an awareness that one needs to practice it day in and day out .Your mind tricks you and it forces you to either live in the past or the future.You either dwell in the past or you ruminate over the future with no intentions of focusing yourself to the present state of cognitive awareness.If you find that no one teaches you then you find yourself teaching yourself.There is this constant agitation of not having anyone around to connect with.You become the teacher and you become the taught.You see a surge of mob all around you and you find it really difficult to control the upsurge.

Everyone seems to have their own set of notions,opinions and ideologies which is difficult to comprehend in the first place and you got to face the rigid behavior on the way.You feel that it’s okay to move with the flow and there is this surrender and tranquility.You become an onlooker of what is happening all around you to the minutest of details.It seems that you cannot force your opinions to others and there is this sort of compromise.In my experience what i can personally can gather your own perceptions and assumptions takes a backseat and often you get governed by the mob and the so called stereotypes.Instead of using our own head we all are dependent on some source to get inspiration from.We all experience a void within ourselves and we have a tendency to fill it through some outside avenues. Instead that void has to be filled from right within and should not be dependent on external factors.

Have we ever questioned why do we behave the way we do or why do we think the way we think?What is it that drives us crazy and insane?What makes us drift towards our so called “animal instincts”.

The fresh wave of thoughts replace the stale ones thus adding newness to the whole awareness.The torment is infuriating and repelling.The psychological process affects the physiological process in ways difficult to comprehend to the ordinary intellect.Subdue the old with the new to improve the experiences and add richness to the well being both materialistic and spiritual.You turn out to be witness of your thoughts and emotions without you being influenced by it.The tantalizing stimulus draws you with all its might,your craving gets uncontrolled ,unguarded unaware of the fatal consequences on the way.Your unconscious being guides you time and again but the conscious defies it and becomes an innocent victim.The inward pull is so great that the outside seem shallow.The inward supersedes and overrides.

When your mind rules the intellect you have a distorted personality.On the other hand when your intellect rules your mind you become flawless.Intellect becomes the mentor of your mind.Mind drives us crazy and wreaks havoc to the lives .We become an uninformed victim.The mental plight is infuriating.Mind with all its viciousness hovers over,shadows and clouds the intellect to perform to the optimum capacity.

Published by Abhinandan Singh

I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!🍸☕😊

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