Torment within


It controls us from head to toe.The cause of all the misery and suffering is the mind.The root cause of all the misery prevalent in the world is the human mind be it psychological or physiological.The psychological is tacit.Physiological is apparent in the form of bodily diseases and suffering.Mind has the annoying tendency to trick you every now and then.It traps you.You become the prisoner within your head.Mind poses its own set of distractions.To control it is a feat in itself.Being swayed by it and its fluctuations is the biggest agony.Mind projects the void.Overlapping thoughts creates a lot of clamor and distress.Segregation and having focus is arduous. The projection of void by the mind is superficial and not actually there.As said its only a projection.Each and every entity is full.It is the intellect that act as a differentiating factor and makes us understand the fickleness of the mind .The characteristic…

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Published by Abhinandan Singh

I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!🍸☕😊

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