Torment within

It controls us from head to toe.The cause of all the misery and suffering is the mind.The root cause of all the misery prevalent in the world is the human mind be it psychological or physiological.The psychological is tacit.Physiological is apparent in the form of bodily diseases and suffering.Mind has the annoying tendency to trick you every now and then.It traps you.You become the prisoner within your head.Mind poses its own set of distractions.To control it is a feat in itself.Being swayed by it and its fluctuations is the biggest agony.Mind projects the void.Overlapping thoughts creates a lot of clamor and distress.Segregation and having focus is arduous. The projection of void by the mind is superficial and not actually there.As said its only a projection.Each and every entity is full.It is the intellect that act as a differentiating factor and makes us understand the fickleness of the mind .The characteristic of the evolved being is evident when the intellect overrules the mind and its fickleness.Its agile and its has got all the f utilities attached to it.

With correct attitude and hard work mind can be tamed into fruitful tasks.It is really important to get hold of mind before it does further damage to individual’s growth and success.At the basic level thoughts which are the building blocks of life takes the shape of words,words into actions(actions as the potent force).Change has to happen at the subtle level in individual’s mind and psyche.Mind has to be aligned in response to the external stimuli.External stimuli seems tantalizing and mind with its innate nature craves for instant gratifications.Delayed gratification is a must for healthy and balanced living.To get rid of the f utilities the mind has to be controlled ,intellect the governing factor.Mind will create distress often unnoticeable and if left ignored will create distress to the amount you would have never imagined.It tricks you every now and then and you become an innocent victim.A caged victim.Its a sort of daring adventure.

In my opinion mind has to be bombarded with a daily dose of inspiration .Inspiration of some sorts.Like you get inspired by the nature ,the trees,the sun,the clear water,birds,flowers,fresh fruits,the twinkling stars at night,the vicious moon. Nullifying irrational and negative thoughts is difficult at first but with due practice and patience it could be controlled and won over.Its exasperating and mind-boggling.To get to the supra mental state of awareness requires time ,energy and patience.Negative thoughts and bizarre ones are bound to overrule you.It is person’s free will that rules over.and conquers it.Free will pervades and takes over.

It is as if mind is conditioned so as to create unwanted disturbances.It gives rise to too much of mental agitation.The torment is temporary you know very well that its not gonna last forever.You stay patient and you become a mute spectator witnessing of what’s happening actually.Mind by nature is playful and mysterious.You need to be a diplomat to handle it successfully else it gonna ruin you from right within.

Published by Abhinandan Singh

I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!πŸΈβ˜•πŸ˜Š

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  1. Truely said..everyone goesthrough such torment…but the positivity is a great tool for handling such situation…also positivity defines a beautiful personality…

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