Macroscopic vision to microscopic

The past envelops and grips you.You somehow felt that the past scenario was consuming and the aura was contagious as compared to the present day scenario.It was more authentic and had the gravity.The duality that comes with it is mind-boggling and bewildering.Switching from past to present requires enormous amount of patience and one has to be adjustable. You get baffled when you find that the synchronicity between the past and present is not there.Its a sort of disconnect that you experience.You come to the realization that the whole societal aura was consuming and fundamentally incorrect.Its little bizarre of sorts but somehow you find it interesting to explore.Your conscious awareness drifts you to the present while your unconscious remains in the past.You enjoy being in the present state of consciousness while unconsciously you remain in the past.You found the past more appropriate and consuming while the present to be little distorted.You see various rooms for rectifications in the present while taking lessons from the past experiences.

The past scenario was more appealing and it had gravity.The overalls were sane.Nowadays one can notice issues such as intolerance,bans etc that has enveloped our society so much so that we find ourselves trapped into it and somehow we find ourselves chained by the exploitation.We all know the answers but we somehow refuse to admit it and move with the flow.Its ironic to see such appalling state of society with little or no rectifications.

What for we waiting for.Why not scrap the very system and change the society’s structure.We all have the tendency to see the macroscopic state of awareness unaware of the microscopic view.Microscopic view constitutes thoughtful awareness and changes that had to be made at the thought-level,at an intuitive level.You somehow tend to live in your past experiences.The past experiences thrill you and you somehow tend to capture and relive those moments.You find yourself ruminating over the past while holding unto present and seeking something of the future.The past holds you back,grips you,nostalgia engulfs you.You become a mute spectator of sorts.You tend to dwell in those moments and somehow want to bring them back.The past consumes you and gets ingrained in you.

A surge of calmness surrounds you .There is this calm surrender.No manipulations ,no judgments. Just experiencing your being,your current state of awareness.You start to live in your present moment day by day,hour by hour,moment by moment and cherish it,love it and want to live by it. You want yourself out of the f utilities of day to day life.You want yourself to get rid of the mundane and boring and you want to experience the higher,the higher consciousness so to say.Living in the present is the most definite of art.Its a rare skill that one can achieve during his/her life. Its rare and its certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.It requires a significant amount of courage and patience to keep going amid the chaos and when you feel that you are experiencing something different and wonderful.We have to change the stimuli that one is exposed to.Change has to be at the thought level.Awareness needs to be shifted from body awareness to the spirit awareness.Intellect has to be exercised over mind and one’s actions should shift from selfish to selfless.

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I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!πŸΈβ˜•πŸ˜Š

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