Design is embedded in our rich historic traditions.Understanding culture forms a necessary ingredient for design.It lends a perfect design sense with correct specifics employed to the structures makes the piece structurally significant.Correct detailing and excellent crafts work lends it the visual variety and sheen.Great design breaks the monotonicity of the average thus demonstrating its relevance in the modern day and age.It provides the necessary lustre. It assumes a creative force that has the potential to serve in multitudes.Playing with geometric shapes,lines ,colors and textures gives it a necessary tone.Its ubiquity,randomness and spontaneous nature adds the necessary zing to it.Design is embedded in the details.The details makes for the great design.To communicate the language of design is difficult.Design necessitates changes.The user-centric approach with design helps it to facilitate masses according to the specifics.Clients forms the part and parcel of the trade.Its important that the end user are satisfied and their requirements are met.At the end of the process it is to be ensured that the client is happy.Clients forms the backbone of the trade.It is to be ensured that the fine nuances of the design process is paid attention to.Design development process is often strict and exhaustive one.The process entails thorough research and insight building(culling of the insights),idea generation ,concept development and final prototype and installation.The process accommodates excellent workmanship to realize the ideas into the designs.

Designs could be crude to most refined.Distilling of the insights leads to idea generation and finally the conceptualization which furthers its way to the development of the prototype of the model.The industry thrives on idea generation and skill development.From the very basic to the most con temporized,design encompasses multitude of domains so to speak.We can see the glimpses of design from the prehistoric era to the modern age.It captures commercial as well as industrial sector.It operates out on the greater threshold and has a major share in contributing to the global revenue generation.Among the thriving economies of the world India has got its fine share.Design as a sector is a major player in the country’s economic growth and has got a share in GDP growth and the per ca pita income.Its true that design hasn’t got its fare share among st the shaping careers but with design centric awareness and knowledge one can help build its image on a global platform.

Designers thrive when they have a working concept of what makes people tick,a context that allows them to shape their ideas by considering what people covet and use and somewhere to focus all of their creative energies.Research provides fuel for new ideas. Behavior is fertile ground for design not just human behavior,but systems behavior,social,technical,environmental,political and economic systems.Increasingly we are faced with ill-defined problems that are related to the workings of entire systems.

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  1. Wow awesome article…so abstract and so immersive…each word so delectably chosen…each phrase so conveys so much….read and re-read….

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