Design fundamentals are precise and unique and forms backbone for further research,exploration and concept building.Through research coupled with experimentation and social innovation forms the basis of good design.Good design envisages through proper insight building and thorough observation.The culled out insights could be utilized for the design development process prior to design conceptualization and finalization and approval.

A deep study of our Indian culture and civilization ,our traditions and customs forms the very backbone of socio-cultural aspects of design.Research needs to be vigorous and in depth so as to generate tangible outcomes.The structure has to synchronize with ethnicity and culture.Also the historical significance of the structure should come to light.How people and places influence the overall design.How cultures intersect to produce tangible output so to say.The meticulous use of design skills and practices lends its correct posture and appeal.One has to understand the fundamental nature and avenues that it generates.

Design has got its roots in our ancient culture and civilization.It gained prominence nowadays due to its esoteric nature and its utilitarian value.The clarity in approach towards design is a must.The variety that design imparts remains unparalleled.The rich use of materials,colors,textures,fabrics adds to the overall sheen and grandeur.Its subtle,without error and richly diversified.The ethnocentric tangent that it holds makes it even more exhilarating.It operates both at microscopic and macroscopic level of awareness.From the tiniest fractions to the macro structure it has justified its presence in the materialistic world.

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