Overall design is multifaceted and detail oriented.The inherent details make design more effective and precise.As said design is in the details.The subtle details adds valor and vitality to the structure thus adding to the overall grandeur and appeal.The nakedness lends depth and character and necessary dimension.The wide array of the opportunities that it delivers makes it indispensable choice.It needs to get plucked out and effectively utilized.If we carefully analyze design is embedded in the very roots of our civilization centuries ago and even in the present scenario.

Its embedded in our rich historic traditions and culture almost quite tacit.We can find the very glimpses in the bountiful abundance present all around.One has to have a design centric awareness to acknowledge the same.One has to be aware both at a gross and at a subtler level.The gross is the seen which is more pronounced and the subtler the unseen.Seen is more pronounced while the subtler has influence over the seen.Design has got its root in our civilization.(indo-centric design).The very dynamic nature of design lends it its valor and appeal.Our very civilization is a masterpiece that demonstrates design in nearly all the spheres.The richness and the splendor that it offers remains unsurpassed.The avenues that design offers surpasses all others.It generates multitudes of opportunities where one is free to exploit one’s potential.The plethora of opportunities that it entails gives it its share in employment generation.

Design is also embedded in spirituality.Its intuitive nature adds to its spiritual texture.The indo-centric design accommodates our rich Indian culture,customs and traditions with a fine mix of each. Indo-centric design could also be classified under so called “desi design”.Design has gained its prominence in the craft sector with the major players and drivers in the market.The whole craft sector lounge for the design skills and expertise to increase the revenues and to steer the development across the sector.Its often more pronounced in the craft sector.Modern day design is charismatic and at the same time utilitarian.Its a fine mix of the two.The aesthetic and utilitarian are gelled together to create a perfect harmony called “design”.Often its utilitarian nature supersedes aesthetics.The inherent details in the design gives it a sheen and flavor and provides it with strength and luster. The dynamism that it entails remains unparalleled.

There are numerous parameters under which design operates.The use of curves,lines ,tones,colors etc adds valor and luster. The correct attention to the details lends it the necessary posture.Its about exploration.The richness that it imparts assumes as a valuable asset.It has both physical and spiritual manifestations.

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