The whole idea behind the design research is to engulf the culture and tradition of the countries world over.To bring to forthright the rich historic background that the nation has.Understanding and analyzing one’s own culture helps in the overall design development process and helps in the culling of the insights.The richness in terms of culture that Indian subcontinent possess remains unparalleled.Design forms the basis for craft sector to flourish. It has got its roots in the ancient craft sector so to speak.The value in terms of revenue that it generates is appreciable. There is a lot to imbibe and adapt across the sector.The industry thrives on ideas.Ideas which are worth spreading.

Ideas that has the potential to bring about changes in the rapidly changing world scenario.Ideas which has got meaning and purpose and which supersedes all shallowness of the mundane day to day life.Often times its noticeable that we get caught up in the mundane so much so that we fail to get a glimpse of the higher.The dull and the mundane drives us crazy and insane we all want to scrap it to gain momentum and freedom in life.Its often arduous and exhaustive but seemingly possible.Ideas that propels you to reinvent and explore.The thrill that comes with it is all consuming.As an ardent seeker you are always on for some ideas.Ideas that propels you day in and day out.The trail that it leaves behind is unquestionable.

Research continued – Every person ,place and object that we encounter has a story to tell.Each life experience that we pass through has myriads of subtle parameters attached to it unknown,tacit and incomprehensible to the average human mind.On a daily basis each human mind gives rise to somewhere around ten thousands thoughts.We humans are so accustomed to the obvious that we often fail to observe the subtlety of events.Not having focused unto it we function on a superficial level thereby undermining ,underestimating the gravity which is beyond the obvious often incomprehensible to the average intellect.

The world has gone haywire in our 21st century .With the advancement of technology and the cumulative development of the society we are witnessing a radical change in nearly all the sectors so to say.It is to be ensured that the change has to be a constructive one and not the one which denigrates the society.The world is in the shabby and sorry state of affairs and it is the result of the constant negligence that’s been shown and the efforts are often selfish and individualistic lacking holistic approach.Selfishness is doomed to failure both at an individual and at the societal level.The mental framework lacks refinement and luster.Its more of “me”approach rather than “we” approach.

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I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!πŸΈβ˜•πŸ˜Š

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