The primary step is to make masses design-conversant and aware.It assumes paramount importance to make people aware of its benefits when there is practically no awareness at all.Proper surveys and customer interviews needs to be conducted to know the status of design centric awareness and accordingly devise the plan to reach out to the masses.We need to explore,reinvent and bring into surface the design elements present within society’s framework.Design skills needs to be strengthened and exploited.It has got its usage in multitudes.Focus should be on to provide quality design education resulting in the creation of sustainable employment creation.More and more youth needs to get absorbed into the field as they constitute tremendous reservoir of energy.

The intricate design structures finds its relevance in and during mughal era where its been extensively used.The best part of this profession is that it finds its applications in nearly all the spheres so to say.It is broad and it serves in multitudes.Its serendipitous nature makes its unique and engulfing.Its esoteric nature adds to its luster and sheen.The design structure will embody the glimpses of the societal; setup that prevailed during the era.The customs ,beliefs,traditions and rituals etc.the design structure will be the embodiment of country’s rich cultural heritage.The intricate details,patterns of the design structure will demonstrate just perfect craftsmanship.

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