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The research primarily is centered around people,places and objects.Insights are developed after thorough interaction with the masses,their viewpoints and opinions on the matters and then analytically processing them to reach desired conclusions.Research must be passion-driven and individual has to be motivated to explore,examine and question the findings.It is often quite exhaustive and detailed one.Among the essentials are the development of insights after reading people’s mind,their behaviors and their reactions.One of the prime motive is to bring unconventionality to the whole process.It also includes changing mindsets,and thought process shift and awakening.Overall the complete picture is centered around words and thoughts and then to experiences that the individual goes through.Observation includes reading and analyzing people’s gestures emotions and psyche quite often to the intuitive level.Understanding psyche is an important part of the process as it helps develop beautiful insights for the creation purpose.The thoughts and the words needs to be the constructed one’s as it will have a direct impact to the overall creation.Even your day to day interactions with people will give clues so as to how to progress further in the process.Each human encounter will give you the clues to progress further.It has to be on a subtle plane and often on a higher plane of consciousness .Each being projects the energy to the universe.It is to be ensured that majority of this energy needs to be on a positive and constructive side leading to the community building and betterment of the society.Each individual possess an excellent resource and tremendous amount of potential to direct and channelize it for the global goals.

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I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!🍸☕😊

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