Design is embedded and woven into the society’s fabric like butter in milk.One has to understand its relevance in the current scenario and its impact on the society’s framework.It has got a broad definition and it encompasses nearly every facet of life.One has to be intellectually inclined to understand the fine nuances that comes along.Its esoteric nature gives a much wider scope for work and hence generate more opportunities for employment and growth.If one carefully study it one will find that much of it is tacit and needs to get explored and then you find it to be a exhilarating and fulfilling experience.One needs to be a continuous observer and explorer to get to the crux of it and understand the realm.One needs to be open headed and broad minded so it becomes easy to obtain insights and results.

Insights results from the thorough observation and examination of your current as well as your past experiences.You will get to see its magnificence when you will carefully observe the surroundings and nature.In turn nature itself shall inspire you to design.The order and balance that one gets to see in natural surroundings is a fine example of the perfect design sense.Design is rampant in our everyday lives and has various manifestations so to see.DESIGN AND BEAUTY ARE OFTEN WONDERFUL DISTRACTIONS FROM DIFFICULT MOMENTS IN LIFE.The fine attunement of design with nature lends the realm its charm and grace far from the absurdity and the shallowness that the world has to offer it finds its relevance in the simplest of details.As said “Design is in the details”the most important parameter about the field is its flexibility to explore and reinvent.As a free bird, designer has the inherent ability to mold and remold his/her current,past as well as future experiences with his/her set of actions.The concurrent nature of design allows an individual to work on various domains simultaneously thus acting on many tangents.The utility that it generates is in multitudes.As the realm supersedes the mundane and the monotonous,it gives designers excellent opportunity to operate on a higher tangent thus exploring a very different world which is often unseen and unheard.

The work opportunities that design delivers is an indispensable choice among st youngsters.More and more people are drawn towards design field as it gives them the platform to establish themselves as smart workers.One thing that demarcates design with other fields is that it breaks the monotonocity and allows a person to explore and invent himself/herself.As a result it has become smart choice among st youth.Quite often you have to face ambiguity in the early stage of the design process but that’s perfectly fine so to say.Without ambiguity individual will not be able to come to the solutions.The ambiguity and different viewpoints certainly forms the basis for design to strengthen and shape itself.It is nice to acknowledge multiple and differing sets of beliefs which allows a person to see the diversity and accordingly act.

Before any sort of work happening in the domain it is to be ensured that the work is driven by passion and with the appropriate skills of the person in hand. One has to delve within to understand one’s energy threshold and to give his/her fullest.If we carefully observe it marks its presence at both micro and macro level so to say both macrocosm and microcosm.Design tends to be both materialistic and spiritualistic.The noticeable is the materialistic while the unnoticeable would be the latter.Design centric awareness is difficult to be noticed by the societal group.It needs to be highlighted showcased so that more and more people get centered to it and the mass has a design centric awareness.Designer’s needs to be bold,energetic and open -headed to imbibe everything and exploit everything.They need to be opportunistic and smart and fearless.They need to have a consuming vibrations that has the capacity to engulf the community at large.We need to find out proper channels to exploit and tap our potential so as to impact lives in a positive and fruitful way.As a token we have an obligation to return back to society through our work.

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I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!🍸☕😊

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