Design and social context

Design as the realm influences society in variety of ways .It infuses the rich variety in form of colors,patterns,textures, shapes,forms etc.The beauty and the grandeur that it imparts remains unmatched and there are no parallels.One has to keenly understand the fine nuances of the trade.Socially responsible and environmentally sustainable design assumes a paramount importance in today’s day and age in the hassled scenario.Overall it has to be balanced and rational.Sustainable and eco-friendly design is the need of the hour.Focus should be on how to gel design with the societal framework that would benefit individual users as well as the masses.

“Green design”is another such category that needs to get strengthened.Attempt is to be made to exploit the natural resources and convert it into design -oriented products and services.Energies need to get channeled for a proper cause.In the present societal framework where we are faced with so many societal ills design has got potential to eradicate them if properly used.Desired output could be generated with correct design usage.There are numerous factors where we find design attuned with the divine.In ways how nature is constructed.There is just exact perfect mix and balance that gives design its justified place in the societal framework.Design has got its own luster and appeal.We need to get our heads in place to assimilate and understand the realm in correct light.We should align and attune ourselves with the realm to understand the world in its innate state and then critically analyzing what world has to offer ,develop fine insights to bring about the change in the setup.Change has to be at a subtler level, at the realm of the deeper consciousness and awareness.One has to be consciously be aware of the design.Its ever changing and palpable nature.We get to see rich variety that it throws making it more dynamic and adding appropriate luster to it.It adds to the overall sheen and gravity.It has got multitudes of domains. The excellent use of the color,form ,texture,curves symmetries makes for a great design.The wide palate that it offers allows an individual to explore his/her talents and makes it an indispensable choice.

Design with all its constituents has found out its glam quotient as well Its fervor remains unmatched.Its got to be chic and at the same time stylish and should satiate the senses.It has got its own sheen and ,fine and intricate details further adds flock to the feather.It got to be sassy,chic and ethnic at the same time with modern and contemporary version.

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