Taming the mind-intellect being the guard

The world throws you with myriad of things. So at the end everything boils down to the choices that one has to make.Those choices will determine your present state of awareness as well as future state. You see its all very subtle.One has to be constantly aware of the choices that you are making every single day as this will determine your fate in the succeeding periods to come.If you falter at any given time you will be doomed to destruction.You need to understand the gravity of the outcome that you and only you will be responsible for.If you find yourself perturbed by the outside nuisances then you got to delve within.Find that source of joy and peace within yourself as that is the way out.That is the only way out of this chaos and confusion that the world throws at you.

You will not be able to maintain focus in this noisy state of awareness.It shall eat you from inside out without you being aware of the consequences that it shall bring up.This noisy and sorrowful state of the world is the result of man’s action day in and day out .So that’s really important what actions you are performing day in and day out.If you aren’t conscious of the efforts you shall be punished by the almighty in all its might.So you see that change has to occur at the cognitive state of awareness and it has to be inspirational and uplifting.If we constantly degrade ourselves and the environment it won’t fetch you the outcomes.So you see all the solutions lie within you.You need to be the constant spectator of your actions and the thought process and you need to acknowledge of whether or not you are faltering at any given instance of time and awareness.If you happen to notice any such disturbances inside and outside of you in any given instance you need to rectify it then and there.

Published by Abhinandan Singh

I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!🍸☕😊


  1. You have very well given words to the battle inside everyone’s mind..quite thoughtful ….however I would love to see your write ups more concrete and more specific .

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