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The main theme of this design blog is to attract desired design audience who have design awareness and are design conversant.Over the years i personally have realized the fact that each one of us can develop his/her designerly way of thinking and design context.I am writing this blog since i am an experienced designer on my own and i live life on my own terms.Over the years i have developed correct design attitude and have allowed my creative juices to flow as a corporate designer.The primary theme of this blog is to make mass aware of Design as a subject,a field of study,as work domain and the fine nuances that the field brings upon.

Design guild is the category that i have made where professionals from this domain can share their comments,suggestions and feedback which will allow design to proliferate and reach out to the masses.In India design as a profession is still restricted to the urban elite.Design as a profession has got its potential to cater to both rural and urban sectors.Our primary focus should be to reach out to the rural sector as well with our design philosophies and sensitivities so that there is this holistic design development across the sectors.We can find design in nearly all the spheres be it nature,everyday objects,culture,customs,traditions of the area.

We designers thrive on ideas and the very start of the design process demands us to have inspiration.Inspiration by itself gives you the desired freedom to innovate.All of the design work can be directed to the common goal of making design divine.Divinity so to say pervades everywhere and so in design too.Design work needs to be glorified and celebrated and all of it should be made as a service to lord thus adding divinity to it which necessitates that the audience needs to be spiritually mature.The raw element of every designer remains the same its only when we move to the specialized areas is where we can differentiate further work.A competent designer with the basics can give his/her service in any of the design disciplines with design sense and correct design skills.Design has got a major share in employment creation and revenue generation.Every designer needs to operate taking into consideration global goals.Design needs to be disseminated on a global platform.Inspiration and research phase forms a base for a correct design outcome.Correct methodology and advanced technology will generate mature design content.More refined design will emerge with proper design procedures followed right from conception to implementation.Design has rightly justified its presence in this materialistic world.

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I describe myself as witness to a wonderful world around me in which i am an enthusiastic participant.I want to make difference to this world through my words.Cheers!!🍸☕😊

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