Indian subcontinent is one of the finest examples of ancient civilization across the world.It dates back to 7500 BC.It spans from Indus valley civilization,Pakistan and Arabian sea to the west, Srilanka and Indian ocean to the south Bay of Bengal,Bhutan Myanmar to the east while China and Nepal to its north.It was inhabited by indo-Aryans centuries ago. Indian heritage is as old as Indian civilization itself. Indian heritage includes its culture and traditions that differs across regions, south to north, east to west.

Indian crafts is yet another segment included in Indian heritage. Craft sector employs local artisans and crafts men creating employment opportunities. We can find glimpses of rich Indian heritage in our architecture. Architectural monuments and sculptures that dates back to hundreds and thousands of years are the fine example of our rich cultural heritage. Heritage sites also symbolizes our rich culture and traditions. India has made contribution to the world history with its striking monuments and places of historical interest.Another category of heritage that India boasts about is its wildlife heritage with its national parks and sanctuaries. India’s art,music,dance and literature has contributed to the cultural realm.The cultural heritage of India is varied and exquisite.The architectural treasures that India has been bestowed with is stupendous. Various architectural wonders include the famous Taj Mahal at Agra, Sun temple at Konark, Brihdeeswar temple at Thanjavur, rock -cut Ellora caves in Aurangabad and the Portuguese built churches in Goa to name a few.

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