India is a country with rich historic customs and traditions.It has varied and diversified culture.It is the country with multitude of art forms and a rich history of art and culture.India with its distinct art and culture is known throughout the world.With its rich cultural and regional diversity it has made its name on a global stage.Our rich heritage is something that should make each one of us proud and should be cherished.Our primary goal is to preserve our national heritage.National heritage be it in the form of art,music,dance,literature,customs,traditions,languages,folk traditions,drama,theater,our architectural heritage in the form of monuments and sculptures,wildlife and nature,our rich flora and fauna is something that one should be grateful for and we should be having gratitude for it.It has given life to the otherwise dull and mundane.The first and the foremost duty of every individual is to protect this jewel that has been bestowed to us.Some of our unique architectural heritage has been recognized as the world heritage sites.

Its rich,its exquisite,its grand and its exemplary.We beings should act as the heritage restorer preserving our mother heritage.We all should value it,nurture it.The beauty and the grandeur that it possess remains unparalleled. India is a large democratic country with rich diversity.There are variety of art forms and paintings with distinct styles.We have got various folk art forms.Some of the exquisite art forms which are worth mentioning are madhubani which originated in present day Bihar.This art form is exhibited by women who want communion with god.It consists of geometric patterns.It has paintings and wall murals which exhibit gods,flora and fauna.miniature paintings is yet another category which originated in mughal era around 16th century.It is with intricate details and expressions.It is popular in Rajasthan.It also exhibit religious symbols and epics.Phad art form is from Rajasthan which is a scroll painting.It consists of 30-15 feet long canvas over which painting is done. Warli and Gond are two other art forms.The former has its origins in the western ghats of India in 2500BCE by the warli tribes.It uses circles,triangles and squares to form vivid shapes and exhibit day to day life activities. Paintings are done in dark background and uses white colour.The latter is Gond which has affinity with nature.It is by Gondi tribe in Madhya Pradesh.It consists of bold paintings with vibrant colours and exhibiting flora and fauna.Charcoal, cow dung, leaves and colored soil are the source for colors.Like art we have got different classification of music be it classical music, Folk music, dance music, movie music, pop music,patriotic music, rock music and trans music.India is also known for her great musicians of all ages.Besides that we have music festivals to add to the galore.Like music dance is also included in our cultural heritage.We have got different forms of dances like classical dance, folk and tribal dance, contemporary dance.

Indian literature has been classified in archaic Indian languages and in common Indian languages.In archaic we have vedic, epic Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali and Tamil while in common Indian languages we have regional literature and also literature in foreign languages.India comprises of a multilingual society.According to the Census of India of 2001 India comprises of 122 major while 1599 other languages.There are 22 different languages that are present in the country.There are hundreds of dialects which are present.Indians follow different religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism.There is the presence of various ethnic groups.Moreover India displays its tremendous wealth in the form of architectural heritage with the monuments dating back to several hundreds of years.The country takes pride in rediscovering them and adding these monuments in the heritage list.We have got cave paintings and several artifacts of historical importance as well.

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    My fav line is..
    Our rich heritage is something that should make each one of us proud and should be cherished
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  2. Indian heritage is important for anyone that we can know by ancestors. This is a point of truth that we forget as well as to all.
    Your goal is great and powerful for me and all.

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