india as a country has seen vivid architecture and architectural styles over various time periods.every architectural marvel has its distinct story to tell.Presence of engravings and inscriptions by various rulers on the structures reveal the rich architectural heritage.The rich diversity that is shown in various architectural styles is exemplary.Structures are present with both aesthetic and functional parameters.The interplay of colors and patterns over the structure gives it a luster and appeal.The intricate detailing by the craftsmen and artisans to the structures lends it a character and luster. As said “Design is the the details”this surely applies to the structures as well.Detailing over the structures is so elaborate and fine that it instantly becomes feast for the human eye.Intricate detailing over the structures adds to the overall aesthetics and sheen.Architecture in its manifestations of forms exhibit cultural symbols.Architecture as a practice emerged in the prehistoric era.

Architecture also has myriads of sub disciplines like ship design and interior decorating.The practice of architecture stretches from macro(urban design,landscape architecture)to micro(construction details and furniture).We have got different forms of architecture such as Vernacular Architecture,Prehistoric Architecture, Ancient Architecture, Asian Architecture , Islamic Architecture ,Middle ages,Renaissance Architecture ,Early Modern and Industrial age ,Modern Architecture,Post Modern Architecture,Contemporary Architecture ,Landscape Architecture,Interior Architecture ,Naval Architecture ,Urban Design ,Metaphorical Architecture.In present day and age contemporary structures should be built as that they are environment friendly and sustainable.Building originated when there were needs of shelter,security ,worship etc and with available resources.It evolved from raw state to the concrete forms which shaped into the present discipline of “Architecture”.

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