As you enter the complex a calm serenity engulfs you.No clutter,no hustle bustle just calmness envelops you.The majestic tower stands tall amidst the architectural members. We can see different geometric shapes of the structures enveloping the area.The green patch is seen in between and surrounding members.As you find your way in and through the structures you can notice awe -inspiring patterns and textures along.An interesting aspect is that the materials used are mere stones and mortar.You can see the passageways leading to the individual tombs and stone structures and graves.The beauty and the grandeur of the minaret is enchanting and inspring.We can find small to large stone structures all around.The passageways are in and through the structures.The light and the dark patches are present all over the monument.

Then you get to see the high ceiling structure which has the rounded dome at the top and which is flanked by the carved out walls which bears inscriptions from mughal era.You also get to see large engraved pillared columns which lie in deep tranquility of the space.The outdoor are dusty and rugged.We could find birds perched atop the structure which looks has sublime grandeur.To break free from mundane and the monotonous you can find solace amid these architectural members which has their own story to tell.The beauty of these structures is provoking and inspiring.Here you get to see the calm that gets you the relaxation that you always wanted.We are truly grateful that we are bestowed with such rich architectural heritage.We can find glimpse of indo-saracenic architecture as we move along.The built structure shows Islamic principles of construction.We can see monuments engraved with Arabic script throughout.We can see lush green landscape covering most of the area where visitors can sit back and rejoice.Text engraved unto stone are present alongside monuments describing them.The Government of India has taken major steps in conservation and preservation of these heritage monuments.The standing tower has a diameter of 14.32 m at the base and about 2.75 m on the top with the overall height of 72.5 m .The complex comprises of Alai-Darwaza, Quwat-ul- islam mosque ,The tombs of Altamish, The Alai minar and an iron pillar.The material employed for the construction of the structure is red and buff sandstone.The iron pillar in the courtyard bears an inscription in sanskrit in Brahmi script of fourth century AD.The tomb of Iltutmish was built in 1235 AD.As you move along amidst the structures you tend to fall back in time.The past looms over.The beautiful carved out inscriptions takes you to the reign of the mughals who lived lavishly and have left their mark in the form of ornate monuments,inscriptions and ornamentation.The mughal era witnessed the development of architectural monuments which later UNESCO classified them under world heritage sites.The whole area has a captivating aura of its own.

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