It was a winter afternoon and the place was sun kissed. It has that element of cheer to it.Lush green grass covered the landscape.The green cover enveloped the area.Water was gushing out from the source and flowed through stepped structure and the fountainhead looked astonishingly amazing.The entrance leads to stepped contour over which you can see the play of lights.The stepped area further leads to a large open space where we can see walkaways in between.The passageways are the concrete structure tiled in a regular arrangement.The whole area is covered by the several feet high walled enclosure over which artists have painted their imagination.As you walk along the passageway we can see the rounded crossing.On one of the sides of the crossing lie a several feet high red carved out stone structure that assumes as a focal point in the vicinity.

It is said that few hundreds years ago mighty Ganges flowed near it.Yes and we are talking about the sage “Bharadwaj”and the then ashram which now is restored into park came to be known as “Bharadwaj ashram“and which city of Prayagraj boasts about.Large fully grown deciduous trees surround the area.Flock of people can be seen all over the place.The whole landscape looked amazing.High lamppost is situated at the centre of the park.We can see two or three rounded sheds in the area.Benches lie across in the sheds where people are found rejoicing.As you walk along the passage vehicles could be seen honking.This ashram has gained paramount importance as the place was visited by lord Ram after his 14 years long exile and the place assumes religious and historical significance.The place has got magnetic aura of its own.There is an ancient Shiva temple located nearby which has its religious charm and which is few hundreds years old.

Entrance comprises of large pillared structure where attached lights creates dramatic effect.There is also a marble contour on which water channels runs down.The plantations are pruned to necessary detail which lends the place its character.Black colored lampposts add the necessary zing to it.One can notice metallic wood colored shed where visitors can play around.Water gushing out of the fountain diverges upwards and into the rounded structure.The park which has its appeal and which has history that dates back to few hundreds years old stands somewhat in the heart of the city.The place has got its religious significance as it is associated with lord Ram.The whole premises has got a sophisticated feel to it.The park is well -kept and beautifully maintained.The otherwise dull and mundane Bharadwaj park has turned to its modern and contemporised version which the city of Prayagraj boasts about.

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  1. Lovely description Abhinandan…it forces one to visualize …Today I could see Bharadwaj Ashram through your eyes and I really enjoyed …though I have never visited that place…. Well done..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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