Blog on the cases where Sanjeevani miraculously healed people and brought them to the forefront.

Healing worked wonders in my case where I was suffering from a painful toothache problem which got unbearable and I was ready for doctor’s appointment. When I got healing I was bit skeptical of whether it will work on me or not.Hesitatingly I agreed upon and literally it worked and within few seconds my pain was gone.Such is the effect of healing.The pain and the suffering was gone in a blink of an eye.It was almost magical.

Another case where healing astonishingly worked is the case of the lady where her knee ligament got ruptured. With constant healing and meditation and with sustained effort the ligament got repaired and the leg regained strength. Within month’s time the dread and the pain was gone.With continuous healing and support and with mere touch. The healing has apparent benefits in another case where an individual was severely ill and on medications.He was diagnosed with symptoms of OCD. With continuous and sustained healing and practice of Sanjeevani he was able to come out of his illness and now he is more lively, energetic and full of enthusiasm to take up to life’s challenges.He has more mental clarity and decluttered mind and an ability to multitask and focus.The torment created by the clouded and foggy head was nullified by a more clear and focused state of mind.His both mental and physical health got redeemed.He is able to carry out the tasks energetically and efficiently.He is more balanced ,full of zeal and more aligned. This is the case where healing and sanjeevani helped come out of the state of misery to the state of mental peace and happiness.This is just one example of a person who recuperated from mental and physical illness.

This if done on a macro scale has the potential to create ripples. Sanjeevani if practiced on a greater scale will help get rid of various diseases and will create a healthy atmosphere. It has potential to create effect on a global scale with more and more number of countries coming together towards a common goal. In this way we can help eradicate various illnesses related to mind and body and create a congenial environment for the people to live in. Healing practice is primarily focused on occult healing which is a spiritual method where healer takes the energy from the universe.That energy gets transferred to healer’s palm and with the touch the affected area comes in contact with the healer and that becomes therapeutic and heals the area.Both viral and bacterial diseases can be cured with occult healing.It cures upto seventy percent of the disease.The medicinal base of this occult healing is the thoughtlessness of the individual. It is activated by taking Sank alp shakti from Guruji. It is the transference of the universal energy from the ether to the patient through the healer. It is a 30 min process to be practiced regularly for 21 days for best results.This is to bring to notice that occult healing is different from Reiki or any other type of healing. Sanjeevani kriya is born out of Adi Shiva according to Indian mythology. Sanjeevani kriya is the circulation of prana energy.It is of the historical significance as it is described in Indian Purana, epics and ancient texts. Sanjeevani kriya is the occult treatment method.It cures upto seventy percent of the health challenges successfully. Without medicine and surgery patients can be recovered through Sanjeevani kriya if practiced regularly for 20 min for 90 consecutive days.The patient gets energy from the universe that enters through Agyachakra(ie forehead) and it goes through penial gland to medulla and spine and then it starts the purification of chakra and nadi in subtle body.Mental, physical and psychic disorders can be cured successfully through Sanjeevani kriya. Sanjeevani kriya is the yogic ,occult and meditation method. To get Sanjeevani one has to pay a certain charitable amount.

If interested in occult healing do contact Swami Kripanand Maharaji on whats app number 8090603499 or email to rishividhyakendra@gmail.com.You can visit the ashram on given address Rishi Vidhya Kendra Mudadev,Kurhuwa(near Vaidic Villa)VARANASI.

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