Located on the way to Benaras we landed on the place called “Adalghat” in Mirzapur. You can notice vast stretch of land.Amid the land a road leads us to this place.Our four wheeler stood on one end of the road in the parched land with sun glistening over our heads. Yes it was the summer afternoon and we were headed straight towards “Rishi Vidhya Kendra”.India is the land of devas and we can find people who are intellectually inclined and spiritually mature.Spirituality is embedded in our traditions from long ago.Spiritual wisdom lies in our very roots and in civilizations. India is the land of sages,they came,they lived and they enlightened us with their vast expanse of knowledge to the fellow people.They ignited in us the true essence of spirituality. Rishi Vidya Kendra is an initiative by Shri Shambho Sharan Ghosh to bring forward people from various walks of life and instill in them the practice of meditation and Dhyaan. The peace and tranquility that Dhyaan bestows on us is unparalleled.Amid the vast expanse lies the entrance which leads to the ground floor of the building.The passageway lead to one of the two rooms where Swami Kripanand Maharaji who is a disciple of Shri Shambho Sharan Ghosh sat in deep meditation. The eerie silence captured the place.The disciples in outer room were seeing talking to each other and to Swami Kripanand. We all sat there in deep silence.I was the mute spectator of sorts.Swami Kripanand Maharaj ji with one of the disciple enumerated about Diksha Dhyaan, Sankalp and Sanjeevani. These are the group of people who want to eradicate illness from our society by mere twenty minutes yoga practice called Sanjeevani and occult healing.Most of the professional healers charge a decent amount for their services these days but people from this organization are giving free healing service to all.However they charge a nominal fees of 2100 for Sanjeevani, Dhyaan and for management of their organization.

We in this day and age are bombarded with myriad of things on day to day basis so its indispensable for all of us to get to the state of restful awareness. Sanjeevani as a practice is just that.It brings the mind to the conscious awareness.It is a beautiful meditation practice which anyone is free to do after taking Diksha Dhyaan from the disciple of Swamiji. Healing is another such act where healer just has to touch the affected area and it soothes an individual.Meditation from the time immemorial has been a great asset for our nation.Nowadays it has become a regular practice and more and more people are drawn towards it.The guild is aimed in reaching out to more and more people and expanding the network.The group aims to promote Sanjeevani practice among the masses.The practice of Sanjeevani relaxes the mind and help increase focus and concentration.It aimed to benefit body,mind and spirit as a whole,gives mental peace and happiness.People seemed to benefit from this simple meditation practice.It has various health benefits as it cures depression, anxiety, apnoea, liver cirrhosis, hypertension,heart stroke and various other psychiatric disorders. Sanjeevani as a practice helps declutter the mind and calm down the nerves.It helps make the mind thoughtless.Individual has thoughtless awareness and calm mind.This is the blog that described Rishi Vidhya Kendra and Sanjeevani as a meditation practice.

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  1. Glad to see your nice blog and take this opportunity to thank you personally for it. I appreciate your original thinking and imagination. Your writings articulates your thoughts in such a nice way that everybody feels everlasting joy. Pure and impressive language with mesmerizing expression of thoughts add charms in your writings.Reading your writings is genuinely a great experience. Your writings make people think about their own existence with no pauses but with a joyful rhythm throughout. Let spirituality flow from one spiritual centre to another in a profound measure.
    I wish you to continue the endeavour. Carry on and keep the trend alive with sincere efforts.
    – Dr. Dinesh Mani
    Professor,Department Of Chemistry,
    University Of Allahabad,

    1. Thank you sir for the appreciation and encouragement.You will get to see some amazing posts in the future.I personally want that flow to happen in my writings.By flow i meant spontaneity.THANK YOU!

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