And we found ourselves grappling with this infectious disease that took millions of lives worldwide.Everytime we thought we are out of this and every time we are bounded by the suffering and the misery.First wave of covid passed as such without causing much pain and suffering and we thought that the monster has lifted its arms up but to the surprise the second wave of covid shook the nation completely.We had no idea that this second wave will bring onto the wreath and the devastation.It has made our experiences traumatic and overwhelming.It has affected people from all walks of life from rich to the poor,from the rural to the urban.The spread of this virus has its origination from Wuhan in China.Over the period of time it has spread its wings engulfing South East Asia, Europe,Africa and America and whole of the Indian subcontinent.

The dread and the pain caused by the disease has eaten up the spirit of young and the old affecting people from all strata of society.The pandemic has caused unprecedented loss and has left a trail of devastation in the society.As the result of the pandemic there were series of lock downs all across the states with people forced to stay indoors.It has created a state of fear and panic among the denizens.The government of India tried helping in all measures but couldn’t save most of our people.In an attempt to combat disease the government has started out with massive vaccination program me for its citizens.Scientists came out of the vaccine for covid which is the boon for the people as it aided in combating the virus.

We are the group of the lucky few who fought with the deadly virus and recovered successfully.When initially virus gripped us we were skeptical of our recovery but with sheer will power and determination we came out from our illness and got rid of the deadly virus.When my own mother tested positive for corona virus.It is as if my whole world tore apart and I was searching for little positivity. To the utter dismay we all succumbed one by one.There seemed no hope but we struggled with it.Days went by and we did not seem to recover but at last one fine day we had our test done and to the surprise all reports were negative.We jumped with joy and felt on top of the world and at last recovered from disease.My mother’s report still not came and we kind of isolated her as she was still recovering.We succumbing to the pandemic came out of little surprise as we thought we were strong enough to evict from it as none of us were affected by the first wave.

The second wave hit us hard.We have no idea of how it came and when it came .We all struggled and fought consistently,persistently and with god’s grace finally came out of it.After recovering from it there is this constant fear of catching the infection again.The second wave of corona virus is far more debilitating than the first one.The statistics are alarming.The rise in the covid infections so far exceeded the first one and is still rising exponentially.We can see people buying the essentials because of the lock down in the states. Covid has hit hard on the migrant workers.With the rise in the covid cases more and more workers were seen drifting towards their native lands. Cases were such where we found men marching on foot to their homes and also pedaling down the roads.The situation remains grim and there is this clock ticking over our heads that things shall improve for the better.There is this growing need for maintained ambulances for the service of covid patients.The ambulances are not in their proper state meanwhile there is shortage of oxygen cylinders available for patients which the government was not able to fulfill.As a result companies have been asked to manufacture cylinders to facilitate oxygen intake for patients. India records 2 crore covid cases as for the recent statistics.There has been a meteoric rise in the numbers over the past figures.If left unchecked it has the potential to cause increasing number of deaths.Its a matter of great concern as it is eating up our most indispensable resource that is the human resource.It has wreaked havoc in our lives and it has forced us to operate out of fear and panic in the most ought to be calm circumstances.As for the cases we have total number of cases from India to be 20.3M of which recovered cases are 16.6M and total fatalities are 222K. Total number of test taken is 1332291 of which the positive tests are 175862 while positive percent is 13.2%.This monster has affected 213 countries worldwide.When the healthcare system of different countries was unable to curb the infection there was this urgent need to construct hospitals and departments in short period of time.It is of utmost importance that the countries should upgrade their health system and frame policies for the pandemic.

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6 thoughts on “COVID CRISIS

  1. What a great pleasure it was to see your thoughtful blog on Covid Crisis. I read your blog carefully. There is tremendous expression of feeling and meanings in it. Of course, the Pandemic has caused unprecedented loss and created a state of fear and panic among the people. In fact, no man with a bit of a brain cannot be allowed to ignore this Pandemic. The blog is nicely expressed. Accept my heartiest congratulations.
    The Government of India is taking all necessary steps to tackle the Pandemic. But it is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome. Let us work all together to find solution combating this Pandemic.
    Please do keep up the great work.
    Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh Mani
    Professor, Department of Chemistry,
    University of Allahabad,

    1. Thank you so much sir for much appreciation.This pandemic has induced so much of negativity around we find ourselves trapped in it often.What is needed here is the positive approach towards life and not let covid win.

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