With rapid industrialization and urbanization interior design emerged as one of the major sought after career option.With urban ism there stood a need to get quality spaces to live in and spend time with the loved ones.The field has a rich history and various influence rs.Earlier most of the interior design work was carried out by architects themselves but as the niche grew people started to hire professionals.Interior design is perceived with more aesthetical parameters associated with it and less of function.More and more designers are now focused on the function with aesthetics taking a backseat.The field takes its pride in mentioning some of the world’s famous interior decorators and designers.

As said details makes for the design.As for any design practice in this field too details make for the design.With correct design proportions and fine detailing the needs of the clients are met with proper design considerations the effective design solutions is arrived at.The designers need to have the design centric awareness to come up to the desired solutions.Design needs to be dealt at an intuitive level.It starts with the thought level awareness hence cognitively you are aligned to design.Space is transformed to create beautiful eclectic interiors.Thus an individual is subjected to spatial experiences.Space could be messed up or crafted to embody the personality of the client.

Interior design is not just about co lour and fabrics but it stretches beyond to encompass the design complexities.It is the field where ideas are translated into complete interior design model and solutions.The idea is to create a joyful atmosphere for the end user at the same time functional interiors that are well thought of and executed that makes for the livable environment.Designers should accommodate Indian culture to create interior concepts that orchestrates with country’s cultural rhythm.India is a country that has a cross-cultural diversity.Same cross cultural diversity should get translated into fine interior concepts that should showcase India’s rich culture and heritage.Interior design is not just confined to efficient space planning and space aesthetics but stretches to include architectural details as well.Architectural details include construction of architectural features which is both functional and seem to orchestrate with the aesthetics of the space.The field is more than arrangement of furniture and artworks and selection of fabrics and drapes and finds its way to the functional aspects of the space.It is directed to obtain solutions that are both practical and feasible.We as designers should focus on creating spaces that not only satiate the senses of the people but also creating serene and peaceful interior for the inhabitants where an individual can find rest and fulfillment.The sheer magic of the space should enliven the people occupying the space.

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