BHARADWAJ PARK ALLAHABAD It was a winter afternoon and the place was sun kissed. It has that element of cheer to it.Lush green grass covered the landscape.The green cover enveloped the area.Water was gushing out from the source and flowed through stepped structure and the fountainhead looked astonishingly amazing.The entrance leads to stepped contour overContinue reading “ARCHITECTURE”


QUTUB COMPLEX IN DELHI As you enter the complex a calm serenity engulfs you.No clutter,no hustle bustle just calmness envelops you.The majestic tower stands tall amidst the architectural members. We can see different geometric shapes of the structures enveloping the area.The green patch is seen in between and surrounding members.As you find your way inContinue reading “Architecture”


ARCHITECTURE india as a country has seen vivid architecture and architectural styles over various time periods.every architectural marvel has its distinct story to tell.Presence of engravings and inscriptions by various rulers on the structures reveal the rich architectural heritage.The rich diversity that is shown in various architectural styles is exemplary.Structures are present with both aestheticContinue reading “ARCHITECTURE”


ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE India is the land that shows vivid architecture.It exhibits different variety and styles that dates back to hundreds and thousands of years.Its grand, its exquisite and exemplary. India is the land that’s been invaded by rulers in various time zones and era who left their imprints in the form of vernacular monuments andContinue reading “MONUMENTS”

INDIAN HERITAGE India is a country with rich historic customs and traditions.It has varied and diversified culture.It is the country with multitude of art forms and a rich history of art and culture.India with its distinct art and culture is known throughout the world.With its rich cultural and regional diversity it has made its nameContinue reading


INDIAN HERITAGE Indian subcontinent is one of the finest examples of ancient civilization across the world.It dates back to 7500 BC.It spans from Indus valley civilization,Pakistan and Arabian sea to the west, Srilanka and Indian ocean to the south Bay of Bengal,Bhutan Myanmar to the east while China and Nepal to its north.It was inhabitedContinue reading “HERITAGE”


Welcome to designer’s haven The main theme of this design blog is to attract desired design audience who have design awareness and are design conversant.Over the years i personally have realized the fact that each one of us can develop his/her designerly way of thinking and design context.I am writing this blog since i amContinue reading “DESIGN”


Design and social context Design as the realm influences society in variety of ways .It infuses the rich variety in form of colors,patterns,textures, shapes,forms etc.The beauty and the grandeur that it imparts remains unmatched and there are no parallels.One has to keenly understand the fine nuances of the trade.Socially responsible and environmentally sustainable design assumesContinue reading “DESIGN”