RESEARCH continued The research primarily is centered around people,places and objects.Insights are developed after thorough interaction with the masses,their viewpoints and opinions on the matters and then analytically processing them to reach desired conclusions.Research must be passion-driven and individual has to be motivated to explore,examine and question the findings.It is often quite exhaustive and detailedContinue reading “RESEARCH”


DESIGN RESEARCH The whole idea behind the design research is to engulf the culture and tradition of the countries world over.To bring to forthright the rich historic background that the nation has.Understanding and analyzing one’s own culture helps in the overall design development process and helps in the culling of the insights.The richness in termsContinue reading “RESEARCH”


The eclectic furniture lines The chic and eclectic pieces of furniture creates substance of visual interest and appeal.The selected range of furniture pieces and accessories sourced from abroad lends the space with a contemporary and classy feel.The excellent designs and meticulous craftsmanship demonstrates perfect design sense and harmony.It gives stiff competition with other brands inContinue reading “ECLECTICISM”

DESIGN DIMENSIONS Overall design is multifaceted and detail oriented.The inherent details make design more effective and precise.As said design is in the details.The subtle details adds valor and vitality to the structure thus adding to the overall grandeur and appeal.The nakedness lends depth and character and necessary dimension.The wide array of the opportunities that itContinue reading

SPECTRUM Design fundamentals are precise and unique and forms backbone for further research,exploration and concept building.Through research coupled with experimentation and social innovation forms the basis of good design.Good design envisages through proper insight building and thorough observation.The culled out insights could be utilized for the design development process prior to design conceptualization and finalizationContinue reading


Design is often more quite intuitive.The variety that it lends remains unparalleled.The richness and grandeur that it exudes is exquisite and exemplary.The versatility and the ubiquity that it offers makes it an excellent career choice among st youngsters.The intricate details further adds valor and splendor. The discipline is a rare mix of aesthetics and functionalityContinue reading “DESIGN DYNAMICS”


Design is embedded in our rich historic traditions.Understanding culture forms a necessary ingredient for design.It lends a perfect design sense with correct specifics employed to the structures makes the piece structurally significant.Correct detailing and excellent crafts work lends it the visual variety and sheen.Great design breaks the monotonicity of the average thus demonstrating its relevanceContinue reading “DESIGN BLOG”

Macroscopic vision to microscopic

The past envelops and grips you.You somehow felt that the past scenario was consuming and the aura was contagious as compared to the present day scenario.It was more authentic and had the gravity.The duality that comes with it is mind-boggling and bewildering.Switching from past to present requires enormous amount of patience and one has toContinue reading “Macroscopic vision to microscopic”